Fitness Center

The Siena Fitness Center is 16,000-square-feet of state-of-the-art recreation and fitness facility accessible to residents to improve and maintain health and leisure benefits. The fitness center is equipped with cardio machines, weight training machines, free weights, and weekly classes taught by certified instructors. Residents can enjoy a 25-yard heated indoor lap pool and spa, as well as an outdoor pool and spa with comfortable chaise lounges and lovely views. Other facilities in the Fitness Center include men's and women's locker rooms, saunas, steam rooms, a stretch room, and the Siena Salon and Spa.
Monday - Sunday: 5:30am - 9:00pm

For more information, call 702-258-2550.

General Rules

  • All members must check in at the Front Desk and show their membership card before using the facility.
  • Residents are required to complete a liability waiver prior to using the facility for the first time.
  • Facility use is unsupervised. Members should consult a physician prior to starting an exercise program. Equipment instruction is available through the Fitness Center staff. Please inquire at the Front Desk for assistance.
  • Pets are not allowed in any of the indoor or outdoor fitness facilities unless they are service animals.
  • Tobacco products are only permitted outdoors in designated areas (currently by the large tree adjacent to Bocce courts). Alcohol is not permitted in any part of the Fitness Center unless provided by the Community at an event.

Guest & Children Policies

  • Residents must check in with their guest at the Fitness Front Desk.               
Guest passes, or a $7.50 daily guest fee, and your resident Activity Cards are required. Residents may purchase a guest pass at the Fitness Center front desk by check, or at the Resident Services Desk in the Community Center by check or credit card. Cash is not accepted. All guests must complete a waiver form prior to using the fitness facility. A Guest Form must be filled out and approved prior to any guests using the fitness facility without the resident present. Children are defined as persons under the age of nineteen (19). An adult must remain with guests under nineteen (19) years old.
Children’s hours for pool use are:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 1pm-4pm
Holiday Exceptions: Daily from 1pm-4pm on the seven (7) days before and after Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
  • Children who are not reliably toilet trained are not permitted in the pool or on the pool deck.
  • Children are permitted to play bocce ball, tennis, pickleball, and use the outdoor pool as outlined and the indoor pool if the outdoor pool is closed. Children are restricted to the two lap lanes closest to the indoor spa.
Children are not allowed in the cardio and strength training areas, steam rooms, saunas, or spas.

Exercise Room Rules

  • Shirts, closed-toe, and athletic shoes are required. Bathing suits and sandals are not permitted. 
  • One locker room key per individual is available for use while using the facility.
  • Music and television stations are pre-set based on resident surveys and will not be changed upon request.
  • Food is not permitted. Drinks must be in a closed, spill-proof container.

Pool & Spa Rules

  • The use of the pools and spas is at the user’s own risk. Lifeguards are not provided. Solo bathing is prohibited. On-site showering in the poolside rinse shower is required prior to entering the pool or spa. If lotions are used, individuals must shower again. Appropriate attire must be worn (no cutoffs).
  • Diving, running, and horseplay are not permitted. Climbing over, swinging, or leaning heavily on lane lines or ramp rails is not permitted.
  • Please refrain from bringing the following items in the pool areas: balls, diving sticks, and flotation devices such as rafts, inner tubes, and floating chairs.
  • Food is not allowed in the pool areas with the exception of the East Pergola area with the tables. Plastic bottles of water are allowed on the pool/spa decks. Glass containers, alcohol, and gum are prohibited.
  • Please bring a full-size towel to be placed on chair cushions when sunbathing.
  • Swimmers and walkers must share indoor lanes as much as possible by circling or splitting the lane in half. Time in lap lanes is restricted to 30 minutes when others are waiting and sharing is not reasonable.
  • Persons with a cold, cough, sore or inflamed eyes, any skin or communicable disease, or with open sores or bandages must not enter the pool. Spitting or in any way contaminating the pool water or area is prohibited.
  • No incontinent person is allowed in the pools, spas, saunas, steam rooms, or showers.

Sports Courts Rules

  • Residents and guests must check-in at the Fitness Center Front Desk before proceeding to courts for play.
  • Reservations may be made up to 24 hours in advance of desired play. Reservations may be made daily starting at 7:30am each morning. Walk-on play is allowed during certain timeframes each week outlined by the Tennis/Pickleball Policy instituted by the Board of Directors. Contact the fitness center for more scheduling information. Singles play (1-3 players) is limited to 1 hour. Doubles play (4+ players) is limited to 1.5 hours.
  • All players must wear proper attire and shoes while on the court.
  • Food, chewing gum, and tobacco products are not allowed in the court enclosure. Beverages in non-glass containers are acceptable.
  • Pickleball and tennis machines are available for resident use. Please check with the Fitness Center Front Desk for availability.
Note about Tennis League play: A relationship with the Nevada Tennis Association and affiliated leagues will be fostered. Advance reservations (> 3 days) for league and club play will be allowed for these purposes.